Media Formats

Looking for the best ad placement? You’re in the right place.

The term “digital campaign” now has numerous interpretations as media, content and platforms evolve and grow. There are many more opportunities beyond the traditional web banner ad to reach your audience where they are and when they are consuming content.

From images to video to audio and more, there are many factors to consider when selecting appropriate placements for your campaign, and Digital Kairoi stays on top of trends, new formats and advancing media to make the right recommendation. Then our team takes a close look at the demographics of your target audience, their media consumptions habits, historical data and overall objectives to help you choose the best media formats for a successful campaign.

Connected TV (CTV)

Connected TV (CTV), also referred to as Over The Top (OTT) is video advertising done through apps, either on a Smart TV or another Over The Top devises (Roku, PS4, AppleTV). These ads can be :15 or :30 seconds in length and serve before or during streamed content.

Digital Display

A form of digital advertising meant to capture your target audience and provide quick access to your site to learn about your business, products or services. Digital display ads can be static, animated or a combination of both. This format is a great way create awareness, increase site traffic and build audiences to be targeted with unique messaging.


Native ads are a less intrusive form of advertising that still capture the reader’s interest. Ads match the overall look and feel of their surroundings, often within social or other types of newsfeeds. Native ads spark interest and drive site traffic through engaging headlines and copy.

Paid Search is a form of keyword advertising on platforms like Google, Yahoo and Bing. An extensive list of keywords and phrases are built to ensure your business is present when your industry, products or services are actively being sought out online. Paid Search gives you an opportunity to capture them and drive consideration.

Engage with your target audience across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Waze, and others. Each platform allows unique targeting capabilities to hone in on your audience. Use first party data or a combination of targeting based on interests, behaviors, or demographics.

Streaming Radio

Streaming radio allows you to run :15 or :30 second audio spots, similar to traditional broadcast radio. Apply targeting based on who you are trying to reach and serve ads via podcasts, streaming music and more. Streaming radio allows you to reach audiences at home, in the car, at work or on the go.


Shoot compelling videos and use them not only across your website and social pages, but to create ads that can be shown online, in-app or in a variety of other outlets. Video advertising does a great job of capturing attention, increasing overall brand awareness or supporting other marketing initiatives with the combination of video, audio and visual appeal.